am“mixing up the decades with 80’s digi-reggae, 70’s soul, and haunting Casio keyboards.” – Rolling Stone

“Air-y Moog pop tunes with a shaggy disco flavor, as sugary-sweet as Skittles.” – SPIN

“Indie iconoclasts join forces. Results heavenly” – **** Q Magazine

“The perfect soundtrack” – Urb

AM is an American songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist/DJ hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana via Tulsa, Oklahoma, and now based in Los Angeles. Most recently signed to Eighteenth Street Lounge/Thievery Corporation’s label for his project “AM & Shawn Lee”, AM has toured with AIR, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Caetano Veloso, and Thievery Corporation and has performed at over 30 worldwide festivals sharing stages with The Flaming Lips, Diplo, Duran Duran, Metric, Muse and more. His music has also been featured in a myriad of ads, TV shows, films and video games. AM’s songs can be heard in commercials for Victoria’s Secret, Dunkin’ Donuts, Best Buy, Caress, TV shows such as Narcos, Animal Planet, Casual and Criminal Minds and the trailer for the Call Of Duty: Black Ops III video game. When he is not in the studio or on tour he spends his time hunting down rare records (mostly from the sound library and soundtrack genres) and DJing as part of the Rendevouz collective. AM has a new album “Precious Life” with Joey Waronker (Beck, Yeasayer, Atoms For Peace) coming out in May, 2016.

Returning from an ultra prolific period with electro soul partner Shawn Lee, AM summons a dreamy sound on “Precious Life”. With Waronker behind the drums and the board and with AM doing just about everything else, the two carefully craft a record that is honest and emotional, yet swings and pulses. Restrictions work in AM’s favor. Simple keyboard lines rely more on tone than prowess, intricate finger-pickings pay homage to classic 70’s folk recordings while drum machines and topical synths accompany. Music made for the headphones…the big ones that is.

The album title track “Precious Life” delivers a bare, soulful guitar driven track rotating the question, “Who are you, with your precious life?” which openly critiques social hierarchies of this time. “The Move” glides along on an analog wave of minimal synth stylings with light tight soul underneath…a last ditch effort at romance for a jaded bachelor. Instrumental cuts like “Aqua Velva” soar with Nashville tunings, consumer model keyboards, banjo and organ. The drumming is raw, a treat for fans of Waronker’s playing and “Precious Life” captures sonically what it’s title suggests. The record is intimate, up close…even the groovers. You’re hearing the details clearly and, hopefully, appreciating the sensation.